This weekend was treacherously cold and wet, not a lot of progress was made at the house and I decided sleeping fully dressed is the only way I'm going to survive the winter. One exciting thing did happen though: we found out that our suburban can handle 1,100 pounds of tile. Eleven...hundred. (BTW, ignore the obvious calculation error in the text. Clearly her brain was fried by the sheer prospect of unloading all that tile. Each box weighs somewhere around SIXTY pounds.) Thats the kitchen tile folks and what I'll be spending my day installing (#DIYtotheMAX) because the stove gets delivered this weekend and we want the delivery men to put it right in place.

 Moving the tile inside was enough work, thank you very much!


Just a little insight into what sort of look we're going for with the tile. It's not actual slate, but it's really pretty, durable, and (somehow) less heavy. The color changes beautifully depending on the light - greens, blues, grays, earthy browns - and plays off the existing wood floors in the best way. We'll be looking for a good gray grout instead of a stark white, and laying it in a running bond pattern perpendicular to the island. I really can't wait to share with you guys. The light bounces off the tile much like in the lower picture and despite the dark color really brings life and light into the kitchen - exactly as it should be!


In other news it's now 2015 and I'm busy making resolutions (I think a kind way to do that is to use the entire month of January to ease into new and better habits). One of those resolutions is to get on a 5-day-a-week posting schedule by March (and the sooner the better)! I hope ya'll keep tuning in, because I love sharing this process with all of you!