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Remember that time I so brazenly said I wanted to start posting more often and on a regular schedule...and then didn't post for over a week? That happened. Life happens - however I'm back and ready for action! I am a YES for posting regularly starting with something I would like to call "Monday Morning Announcements"! A little weekend update if you will. This past week and a half has been filled with so many wonderful real-life things that I haven't really had time to internet! And so, these are my really good reasons why I haven't posted:


1.  To start things off, I graduated from my 200 hour yoga teacher training course! I am now a certified 200RYT - aka "Registered Yoga Teacher". Since October I have been taking part in an intensive, empowering, incredible training that has taught me so much beyond yoga! Every other weekend and every Wednesday night I took the time to be with 27 other incredible world-changers to learn how to accomplish amazing things in this world!

2.  And some extremely exciting news: the same weekend I graduated I was asked to help my amazing yoga studio with their expansion into a new space - opening March 1! (EDIT: Looks like opening is pushed back to April 1). I'm sure you all realize March 1st is only about a month away so the deadlines have been coming fast and furious. This is super exciting and commercial design is not exactly in my comfort zone but the two women who own the studio are incredible clients and amazing friends and this is going to be the most badass place to practice yoga in Texas. Absolute fact. I'm not really sure how much I can share right now, but hopefully after the grand opening I can get into a bit of the process!

3.  Equally distracting is this little guy (search #rookaroux on instagram for more of this sweet face). Houston's newest dog park just opened down the street and he may be a dog, but he is capable of manipulating the full range of human emotion; guilt being his strong suit. I've been doing my best to fulfill his dog park needs while meeting all the deadlines or else he sits by me when I work plotting  the most effective way to get my attention - usually in the form of nipping my legs, howling wildly, or actively trying to knock my coffee cup out of my hand and onto my laptop. I want to be annoyed but look at that face.

4. Things at the Wrightwood house are a little slow. We're waiting on the Houston Historic Preservation Committee to meet and hopefully approve us as a landmark (I honestly can't remember the official designation but it's the slightly-less-special one that still gets us discounts on permitting).

5.  The tile in the kitchen is all down (grouting today!). The floors are covered with butcher paper to protect them from our ogre-like steps but I just cannot WAIT to show you all the finished product!

6.  Finally, the bathrooms at Wrightwood are getting ready for floors too. Be expecting an actual post on that this week. (Seriously, I'm promising you this, would I lie? Don't answer that.) This specific picture is the half-bath we're adding under the stairs! If any of you know of a good source for 2" hexagonal tiles in a nice soft grey I will bless you with the warmest batch of just-baked break and bake cookies.

I'm recommitting to this whole blogging thing because I love it and it's something I want in my life so I'm going to make the time to keep y'all informed!