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I've been literally dying to do a Notre Dame living room. Navy and Gold are BAE. Thats the second time I've used BAE on this blog - and funny enough, the second time I've used BAE ever. You know that it means "before anyone else" or something like that? It's an aconym, not a short form of babe, and that makes it marginally less obnoxious. But I digress. We're gonna get a little crazy with this room. I think a lot of people think of Notre Dame as a very traditional school - and since I'm all about contrast, funky and contemporary seemed like the way to go. This is the perfect room from which to listen to a chortling Lou Holtz predict another Notre Dame win.


1 | I always have to address the bar y'all. This set of glasses and decanter are from Anthropologie and right off the bat get you thinking about the Fighting Irish. Whiskey? Irish. Drinking? Irish. Impossibly shiney gold helmets? Irish. Someone give me the tiniest reason to style this set on a bar. *insert heart-eye emojii*.

2 | Surviving those South Bend winters is no easy feat but a cozy living room can make it a little bit better. And a cozy living room isn't complete without pillows! You can snuggle up with your significant other and watch Rudy for the 939,485th time. I've been drooling over The Citizenry's amazing collection of worldly textural pieces and Lulu & Georgia is always a good source...and H&M Home is without a doubt my go-to for solid pillows in any color I need!

3 | Always gotta have a rug - it ties the room together, visually organizes the space, and keeps things soft underfoot for all those little ones running around (because everyone you went to college with has long since gotten married - you know thats how those Irish roll.) I tried this scheme with two different rugs from Lulu & Georgia this one and the one I chose.

4 | This couch is from Bryght Furniture. I love the golden burnished leather on this beauty. It looks so warm and masculine but also inviting - and I can tell you from first hand experience that they make super comfortable furniture. I think this would please men and women alike - and a great piece for couples decorating together.

5 | This coffee table might be the craziest, most incredible thing I've ever seen. Not to mention it's the perfect coffee table for a house full of little rug-rats - they might put their eye out on those side chairs, but this big ol' guy would softly caress them as they fell. If this coffee table doesn't scream GOLDEN DOME you're clearly not listening - it might even become a family tradition to rub it's shining form after every touchdown. I know how you Irish love your traditions.

6 | Referencing the dome again is this Milo Baughman Style shelving unit from Charish. A great place to keep all your books and momentos and if you could get your hands on one of those shiney gold helmets it would look so good styled on these shelves. 

7 | Finally this custom upholstered chair from West Elm (that is actually very Baughman-esque too) brings in that navy punch. I would get two and have them on either side of that couch facing each other. Below is another layout I was working with that pulls a bunch of the pieces together so you can get a feel for what I'm thinking with the furniture. Floating in the middle of a generous living room....

As always I'd love to know what you think about the room and I would love if you have some Fighting Irish friends and family if you'd share with them as well. Look for a post in the coming weeks about Bryght too, if you're in the market for some furniture you should probably check it out. I just received my first order from them and I'm completely smitten.