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Photo courtesy of  Laura

Photo courtesy of Laura

Tiger lovers rejoice, after taking a bye-week last week from my football series, I'm back with a big one. As much as I was raised a Longhorn, I was also raised a LSU fan. I own as much purple and gold as I do burnt orange. My dads a Tiger, my brothers a Tiger, at least half of my cousins are Tigers, and my boyfriend is a Tiger. It's taken me a long time to get the courage to do this room. It has to be just right. Let me tell you, purple and gold aren't exactly tame colors and while there is plenty of crazy associated with this school - I'm not sure "crazy" is the way one wants to describe their living room. Bold, however, seems a good choice of words. And unavoidable. Seriously, purple and gold are two of the most opulent colors on the planet - and tiger stripes don't exactly fade into the background either; I have my work cut out for me. Remember the rules I set out in the beginning - anyone should feel comfortable in this space while making Tigers feel extra-at-home.

1. Gilded Bar Cart | It's no secret LSU is a school that likes From Tigerland to the tailgates a stocked bar is always available. Throw in some Rougaroux Rum, some Abita brews and probably some Natty Light (if we're being real), and it's gameday. It shouldn't be any different at home and what better place to store all that fun juice than a beautiful gold bar cart. Live gold y'all.

2. Purple + Gold Agate Coasters | Once you craft the perfect gameday drink you need a place to put it (though I know Tigers aren't known for putting their drinks down too often). These coasters from Manor are a beautiful way to add some Tiger spirit to your room all while protecting your coffee table.

3. Vintage Safari Chairs | They're tigers get it? Safari? I love a safari chair and Tigers give me the perfect excuse to throw one in. These particular ones are vintage Arne Norell and add a bit of masculinity to the room while balancing the heaviness of that couch. Mike would approve.

4. Mignon Faget Rock Glasses | Bourbon. On gameday I'm not sure many in the South would opt for anything less. Mignon Faget is a fantastically classy company right out of New Orleans who just want to make your house feel like home (while you're at it, get a couple Superdome rocks glasses too...gotta be ready for Sunday.) They also design amazing jewelry and many times donate portions of their sales to non profit organizations doing great work in New Orleans and Louisiana (you can read more about the company here.) 

5. Laquered Round Coffee Table | Another opportunity to bring in some gold. Again keeping it visually light to contrast with the couch and no sharp corners. LSU games are a family affair, everyone from gramps to the littlest Tiger cub will be in attendance. Gotta keep those little eyes safe. 

6. The Couch | I had to. I had to pick a purple couch. Any excuse for a purple velvet couch. Doesn't it just look so comfy? You won't even want to stand up while chanting "TIGERBAIT" at your friend's significant other who came over and made the mistake of supporting their alma mater in front of you. 

7. Nate Berkus Side Table | From Target's new fall collection, this table rocks the gold once again. Put it between the safari chairs to bring in a little sparkle. Plus it never hurts to have more places to put all that good food and drink. Mmmmm...jambalaya.

8. Souk Rug | This rug from west elm is that subtle nod to tiger stripes that ties the room all together. Soft underfoot, modern, and classic all at the same time. One of my favorite rugs of all time and it just happens to play well with everything else here. 

Alright Tigers, weigh in. What else would you include? Maybe a series of framed #7 jerseys? A shadow box with a handful of grass from the field? A couple voodoo dolls dressed in a variety of SEC rivals colors? Nah, I don't think you need that last one - not with Fournette on the field. I see royal purple velvet drapes on expansive arched windows framing views of the lakes, a brick fireplace, and a dining table in the next room piled high with some of the best cajun food around. Some of my favorite memories we're made tailgating on the LSU campus and this room would bring all those memories home. GEAUX TIGERS!