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You did it Clemson. This week you are #1 - will it last? I guess we'll see tomorrow but to honor this moment in time - it's your time to shine! Gather close all your Clemson Orange and Regalia (I know you're probably already decked out in orange, it is Friday after all). This blog post is almost more exciting than that moment you got your t-shirt at Tiger Town Tavern. Almost. So what are my first impressions of Clemson? For one, I know you're rabid football fans, next I know that you live in an absolutely gorgeous state. I had the honor of spending some time in South Carolina recently and let me tell you  wow. I never wanted to leave. Those blue ridge mountains y'all. We don't have mountains here in Texas, that was a real treat. That and everyone was so, so friendly. So lets see, friendly southern hospitality, football fanatics, and fabulous outdoorsy-ness? I'm sold. This one is pretty wild - an orange and purple color palette will do that - so lets dive right in: 



1 - Since from what I can gather it seems that all of your Clemson bars close at midnight, how about bringing the party back to the house, and while you're at it, class it up a bit. These beautifully packaged small batch mixers  from Jack Rudy Cocktail Co deserve a place on any bar cart, but since their made in Charlston, South Carolina they're extra special. Drink up Tigers!

2 - These pillows from One Kings Lane and Manor inject pattern and color and help break up that great, orange, expansive couch.

3 - South Carolina is a beautifully artistic state. These pieces from Minted are a beautiful, colorful addition to the space and for me the images evoke the feelings of being immersed in the beautiful natural surroundings of South Carolina. Clockwise from the left they are Sunset Fade 2 by Kelly Ventura, Cacophonic by Kelly Witmer, and Midnight Mountains by Holly Royval.

4 - Make sure everyone who comes over on gameday cheers at 110%. This River Rock side table and planter are from a fascinating little (oh but really not at all little) shop out of San Jose - which is even better because - for those not in the know - Howard's rock was originally a gift from Death Valley, California. Fitting. Buy it and you, too, can stroke it lovingly on game day hopefully securing yet another Tiger win.

5 - The orange couch. I went for it. Clemson. Orange. You can't miss it; this couch packs a powerful, midcentury punch. Not for the faint of heart this orange couch would shout your school spirit from the rooftops of Tillman Hall and is definitely giving 110%. Not to mention that it will easily seat all your rowdy orange-clad friends.

6 - This coffee table from West Elm encourages resting your feet, drinks, and eyes (that orange couch though!). It has a rustic mid-century vibe and is big enough to hold it's own against the Joybird couch and visually heavy enough to ground the space. Style it up with a tray full of tailgating snacks!

7 - Finally a rug because I can't do a space without a soft little guy underfoot. This rug from Lulu & Georgia not only defines space but gives little nod to tiger stripes with it's subtle Moroccan inspired pattern.

Alright Tigers! I hope you liked it, it's a little wild but hey, so are you! Good luck holding on to that #1 spot this weekend!