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What did I learn in this weeks edition of Football Rooms (TM)? I learned that there is very little (if any) good duck art out there in the world. This one was a challenge, I honestly don't know too much about football culture in the pacific northwest so I had rely on colors and stereotypes. I guess thats what I've done with the other rooms, but those weren't stereotypes, they were truths! I know they are some serious football fans up there, but when I started thinking about an Oregon Ducks room this is what came to mind: the rainy, woodsy, outdoorys Pacific Northwest mixed with a solid dose of bohemian hipster. Everything started with the bed...and I hadn't done a bedroom yet so here we go, it's a wild green and yellow ride y'all.

1 - Pillows - Pillows make everything cozier and again are my favorite ways to layer color and pattern into a space. I picture Oregon as rainy and cold - but in the best way. The kind of way that makes you either want to stay in with a cup of (responsibly sourced and locally roasted) coffee or  to bundle up in your best rain gear and hit the trails. I'm sure it's sunny sometimes, but I would rather not think of it that way. H&M has great, affordable pillows in all the colors you could need to rep your favorite team too.

2. Art is a really great way to bring in some subtle school spirit and colors (without resorting to taxidermy ducks and mass produced paintings of feathers...both of which I very much almost did). If you went to the O you will definitely appreciate this print by Kate Quale for Minted.

3. The bed that started it all. It's WINGED. Ducks! (If you haven't picked up on the rule: I get at least one really bad pun per post. Doesn't make this bed less gorgeous.) Anthropologie is a gold mine for any type of beautiful velvet furniture. Can't you just feel yourself gazing out into the misty morning from within the loving arms of this bed?

4 - Keeping with the "O" theme from above this West Elm dresser's hardware is like a quietly quacking cheer each time you look at it. The beautiful wood tones and forms harken to Mid-century influences and I think a little bit craftsman too. Look at the details in the almost looks like it's floating, dare I say flying? Like a duck? Eh?

5 - Now, if you're more of a "don't you dare put 1000 pillows on my bed" type person, this beautiful handcrafted pillow from The Citizenry is for you. This lovely long lady is hand woven in Oaxaca by a collective of women. Put a stunner like this on the bed and you can show off your bohemian vibe and your concern for companies with a goal for the greater global good. You citizen of the world you.

6 - Always need a rug. I love the faded, worn look of this one. To me it looks like fog or rain clouds. Or those crazy gray, pixellated, trippy, wing-shouldered uniforms!

7 - Another gorgeous print of what Oregon looks like in my dreams (From Minted for West Elm). Maybe I'm off the mark and if you actually live in Oregon you would want to be surrounded by yellows and bright colors and heat lamps to combat the rampant Seasonal Affective Disorder. But perhaps this Ducks fan moved to Texas, and it's hot and not at all beautifully and magically forested and this print would always remind them of home!

8 - I had to throw something in from this ridiculously artistic state. I stumbled across this adorable little shop while looking around online. Canoe is a brick and mortar in Portland, but they have a pretty extensive online shop as well with a tab just for things made in Oregon! These ephemeral water color glass vases hand crafted by Lynn Read would add the perfect touch of Oregon artistry to any bedside table. How beautiful do they look in the good ol' ducky green and yellow?

9. Hey West Elm, I love you and your affordability and your good style. West Elm revamped the Martini Side Table to be two toned. A glint of gold and white brings some much needed lightness to this dark and cozy room.

10 - Finally, every good bedroom needs a place to sit that isn't the bed. Anthro knocks it out of the park again in a warm grey linen. Celebrate a rainy home game win my snuggling up in here with some cider or a home-brewed coffee stout.

Y'all be kind, this room was tough for me but please let me know what you think! Did you go to University of Oregon? I would love to hear from you! Have a great weekend y'all, should be a great one for us football fans!