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My Facebook newsfeed recently reminded me of one fateful, exhausting night in 2008 where I was living abroad and stayed up until 4am watching a very stressful football game. One that resulted in me using some choice words on said social media platform involving Crabtree, fire, and perhaps a not-so-accident car accident. But thats neither here nor there right? I can put that aside for a couple hours....(but I'm not sure I'll ever truly forgive). Red and black are tough colors (for me) to work with. They're sharp and excitable and masculine. I found some inspiration for this  thinking about Spain - red matador capes, red and black dresses (think: "dancing girl" emoji), starkly contrasting tile patterns, and moorish architecture. Not to mention that all these images are also conjured up by that Zoro-like masked rider.

In case you're not familiar with moorish or spanish influenced architecture I wanted to share some of my inspiration for this room. Picture the pieces below in a dining room with white plaster walls, arched doorways, and heavy timber beams above. You really wouldn't need much with such a architecturally powerful room.

{1} These red plates from Hermes would make the perfect accent. I definitely see red as more of an accent color in any space. Red is such a strong color and definitely draws your eye no matter how little of it you use (much like that flowing red cape on the masked rider). These plates would make a big statement and add another layer of pattern with moorish influence. And in case Hermes plates are more of a "wishlist" than a "reality" I've heard Target carries a line that looks very similar.

{2} Keeping with the Spanish/Moorish theme - this is a chandelier with clean lines but definite old world charm. This beauty is pretty reasonably priced from Shades of Light (one of my favorite online resources for lighting!) You can definitely see this hanging between some big heavy wooden beams.

{3} Since we're modern Raiders here, and to keep all the mix and match patterns from overwhelming us, this table from Crate and Barrel works wonders as an anchor in the space. The wood top keeps it textural and the steel legs are super modern. Even better it's on sale!

{4} Encaustic tiles are beautiful. I really don't need to say more than that...but instead of having a rug a patterned tile floor offers a great way to bring in a little more subtle pattern. Plus I hear Red Raiders like to throw things and I figure that extends to their food as well. A tile floor offers quick clean up.

{5} Artwork! I wanted to bring in some of that Wild West, "Guns Up" spirit. This photograph from Fine Art America would look incredible blown up huge on a wall - maybe over a buffet. The large scale and black and white printing would keep it from looking too cowboy. I really can't get enough of large scale art these days too. Super dramatic.

{6} Finally these dining chairs from Crate and Barrel bring in the last, perfectly patterned piece. The upholstery would soften the hard floor, angular table, and iron accents.