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Happy New Year everyone! Seeing as it's the first Monday of the New Year (and the day I truly believe our resolutions should begin...I'm all about easing into new habits) the blog is back with a vengeance. I would say that my last post of 2015 was rather fortuitous - ending my first Football Rooms series with a big winner - GO COOGS! After that post though the holidays really took over and between finishing up freelance projects, getting Wrightwood into hosting condition for a Christmas Day family fete, and generally spending time with loved ones, I learned the importance of making (and sticking to) an editorial calendar.  One of my intentions for 2016 is to up my consistency on the blog. What does that mean for you? That means that Wrightwood is starting to really look like a home! You're going to see all sorts of updates on the progress there - over the holidays big things happened: all the plumbing was installed, the beautiful marble countertops were put in place, I finished painting a bunch of rooms, and I feel like we're about a week away from having not only the guest room up and running but I will finally have an office to work out of. Phase one of my second yoga studio project just finished up in time for the new year so you'll get to see pictures and I'll finally be sharing a beautifully bohemian living room I finished up in November. On top of all that I'm hoping 2016 is full of travel and trends I can share with all of you, helping you find the best places online and in real life to shop, eat, and relax with a hot cup of jo (or something a little boozier) as well as more personal projects and renovation tips and tricks. But before we get too far into 2016 lets take a look back at my personal top five of 2015!

1. OK, so this is actually two posts, but it's where everything started - the upstairs and downstairs tours of Wrightwood. Definitely worth looking at before I start posting all the shiny and new renovated pictures. Truly amazing to see the transformation over the last year!

2. Big Power Yoga was my biggest freelance project of the year and I couldn't be more honored to have gotten to help Laura and Nancy realize their dream for their newest studio. This tour took forever to edit and put together but I'm so proud of it! I can't wait to share more projects with you in 2016!

3. I posted my very first Football Room back in mid-September and it was such a fun challenge to take my alma mater (GO HORNS!) and translate it into a room sports fanatics and design lovers alike could relax in. I hope next fall I can continue this series with a whole new set of teams! (TCU? Syracuse? Auburn?)

4. This post on how to bring life back into your original trim work was my first attempt at an all-inclusive How-To post. It includes so many awesome tips and products that have been so helpful during our renovation. I know a lot of you in the Houston area have older homes inside the loop and with this post I hope you feel comfortable taking on some woodwork of your own!

5. This was one of the most festive posts to write - looking at all of the beautiful pieces in the new Kate Spade Home Collection and picking my favorites; thinking about how each could be used in the home.

I really cannot wait to write more this year and I hope everyone reading will come along for the ride! 2016 is going to be such a fabulous adventure-filled year!