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I was going to write about my office today. The office I don't have but I'm so close to having. It seems like such a spoiled thing, but it is HARD to not have a dedicated spot to sit and focus and work. The post (which you're totally still getting Monday btw) was going to be full of all the most beautiful office supplies I could find - which I am very close to buying like yesterday. But today there is a 25% off all sale at Anthropologie and I could pass up the opportunity to dig through all the great things, and find you the best great things. Anthro is one of my dream resources. They always have the most interesting things (and the most beautiful velvet furniture always) that you didn't even know your home needed. Granted, you'll also pay oh-so-much for them which is why a sale on a sale is appreciated. Lets get to it friends! 

First up are some big ticket items that, if you're in the market, I highly suggest. 

These next items are all under $100 - which is pretty huge at Anthropologie. I would honestly be buying those pulls right now if I didn't already have gorgeous stone & gold pulls from Anthro past season. I actually think the pulls they sell may be one of my favorite things to buy - talk about instantly upgrading a thrifted or hand-me-down piece of furniture.

Of course rugs had to have their own category, and narrowing this down was serious work. I would definitely check out the entire sale because this is just a small fraction of the gorgeousness they have on sale. I have to say though, that first floral rug on there I need in my bedroom ASAP. Imagine stepping out onto that in the morning. there is no way you could have a bad day after that.

So run! Go! Buy! And tell me what you get so I can live vicariously through you! It looks like even from when I made this roundup they have added new things to the sale section! Even better! Don't forget to check back in Monday for a status update on my office....if I'm lucky and I work really hard this weekend, it may even be ready to move into by Monday!