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Curb appeal makes a difference y'all. I talk a lot on this blog about the inside of houses and who doesn't love seeing a room transform, but whether you're in an apartment or a house, the outside is the first thing people see - and sometimes the only thing people see, you want strangers to think you're classy too right? Apartments can be easy - a nice door mat and a pretty wreath go a long way) but houses are a bit harder. Theres paint colors, mailboxes, landscaping, fences, house numbers, porches, pavers, sidewalks, railings, and most important of all - the front door. We already did a ton of work on the exterior at Wrightwood (you can check that massive transformation out here), what we don't have is a consensus on the front door. I've poured over pinterest and spent nearly every Sunday walk for the past month looking at one thing. Front doors. I've found that they really fall into three categories: Naturally Classic, Classically Colorful, and Colorfully Crazy. Does the category matter? Not at all. What really matters is that when you walk up to your front (or side or back) door you should already be falling in love with being home. So as long as the home association doesn't care (or doesn't exist) paint your door a color that makes your heart sing. I've rounded up some of my favorite doors from each category for you perusal and pinning pleasure...and then I'll let you in on what color(s) I'm leaning towards at Wrightwood.

Naturally Classic
Think: Elegant and simple. Black, White, Grey or natural wood. 

Classically Colorful
Navy, red, or colors toned way down into nuetral territory: lightest of light mauve-y pinks or almost-black amethyst.

Colorfully Crazy
These colored doors bring to mind eclectic coastal towns and wildly painted victorian gingerbreads. The more daring the better - but modern homes have been known to get in on the color play too!

Alright, so my personal desire in my heart of hearts? A purple door. Specifically a Texas sage purple door, like lavender. I want it to stand out, I want it to be different, and fun, I want people to remember it. I want people walking through the neighborhood to want to creepily take a picture of it because it's just so pretty all while hoping the homeowner isn't looking out their front windows at just that very moment. Because who hasn't done that right? And you just want to convey that no you're not taking pictures of them just their really pretty house and please don't be weirded out. I can't be the only one with this problem. I digress. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm pretty solidly in the Colorfully Crazy category - I'll admit I find those Natural Neutrals pretty sexy too though. Check it out, I did some crude photoshop on a pretty photo of our door (in all it's roughly sanded, but natural wood glory - top left) so you (and I) can see a little better what some of these options might look like over here...

Not pictured is the fact that we're going to be painting the deck dark grey....these images are also easier to picture if you cover up all but the one you are looking at...

Not pictured is the fact that we're going to be painting the deck dark grey....these images are also easier to picture if you cover up all but the one you are looking at...

Heres where I would love for you to weigh in! Truthfully a lot of these colors (looking at you bottom row) aren't even in the running but it was fun to give them a shot. I actually kind of like them all. Something I couldn't fully recreate in photoshop was a lacquered black door. Which I would be in love with and would be a totally different look. But so pretty! What do you think? Are you colorfully crazy too? What if we sanded it really well and went natural wood? How about that modern orange? Have you painted your front door a fun color? Tell me! Tell me!