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I'll admit I was hesitant the check out Hearth and Hand - the new collection from Chip and Joanna Gaines' that launched at Target earlier this week. I don't really need anything and our tiny apartment is SO overcrowded as is, but then oops I was in Target making a return, I clearly blacked out, and woke up with 3 ceramic houses in my cart. We've all been there. So, why not share some of my favorite pieces from the collection so you can make the same wonderful mistakes I did? Now, I've heard some complaints about the monochromatic feel of the collection but isn't that so inline with Joanna's signature style? This collection is edited, simple, and just the essentials. The handmade, natural feel is completely on trend and no one but Joanna could have created a successful, budget friendly version of the California-cool minimalism that has taken instagram and pinterest by storm.

What I'm Loving:


I think the entire dinnerware collection is magical - I love the organic hand-moulded look of these pieces. The incorporation of black throughout the collection is refreshing; with the overabundance of bright white interiors these days a few moments of black help to anchor a space. The vases are all amazing, particularly the metal boxes that include a grate on the inside to help support the florals, making arranging a breeze. Now, I've seen the smoked glassware trend a few places this season and these pretty glass vases are spot on. These oversized glass vases would be gorgeous used as hurricanes with a big pillar candle (or a couple) inside on a front stoop or on your patio! (IRL NOTE : I tried to put candles inside the vases at Target today: the openings are too small! You would need skinnier-than-normal pillars - I still think it would be really pretty so if you DO try this let me know.) I wish I had wood floors because this tree skirt is fabulous (just not on my beige carpet, sigh, one day). I should have put these pot holders on my "I'm going to buy" list because the more I look at them the more I need them in my kitchen. Striped? Leather details? Yes and yes. Finally this log storage house is hands down my favorite piece in the collection. I wish I had more reasons to keep firewood around the house here in Southern Texas. 

What I'm Buying:


This sweet little black house budvase will live on my desk at work. Same with this handmade-look mug for pens and such (any excuse to buy a new mug). I may really need this tote - at $35 it's perfection (sold out online but still in some stores...and a totally affordable dupe of this one from Nissolo).  This sweet little brass bell door hanger was the very first thing I bought - it makes the prettiest sound (and I've hung a similar-to-this looking wreath from a past Threshold Christmas collection on it. And yes I already hung up my Christmas wreath. What?) Oh and those salt and pepper shakers somehow jumped into my cart too. They'd make a perfect little stocking stuffer or hostess gift.

I know I left out almost all the Christmas stuff. That part of the collection just didn't do it for me, but that may have been because I already have way too much Christmas decor. If I was starting from scratch I might be more inclined to buy some. The bags and wrapping are fun but in the end skewed too rustic for me. Overall the collection is very Pottery Barn-esque, but at a far better price point. Now it's your turn! What are your favorite pieces? What are you CRUSHED already sold out?