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WOW, this post just didn't want to be made! After so many PAWsitively unBEARable technical difficulties I thought I was going to be SIC ('em). I wanted to do a Baylor Bears nursery, but I also thought that would be a little bit of a cop out. Teddy bears and cute baby bear artwork. I also like to make too much work for myself. So sit back and relax with a Dr. Pepper and check out this modern-rustic Baylor Bears dining room - where you can eat your tortillas instead of throwing them off a bridge*.

1. Maybe it's cheating to have artwork directly depicting the schools' mascots - but I couldn't pass up these awesome geometric bear prints from Etsy artist Yolanda from Tiny Kiwi Prints. They really fit the theme of Modern Rustic and they're quirky and cute (she's got TONS of other animals too - I think these prints are just so good!) I would name the one on the left after RGIII.

2. Who doesn't love a brass sputnik chandelier? I know I've been dying to use one in real life for a while now and this one from Lambert & Fils, a Montreal based lighting company, really fit the bill. I wanted to bring in that Baylor Gold in details throughout the space and this one has huge impact. I would love to see a vintage medallion on the ceiling with this guy hanging down.

3. This skinny console table from Crate & Barrel is a great, minimalist approach to a sideboard. You can keep linens and a few key serving dishes on the lower shelf and the upper shelf is perfect for a curated bar filled with all your classy gameday drinking needs. 

4. I think these black dining chairs, also from Crate & Barrel, strike a balance between traditional and modern and the radiating lines created by the chair backs bring energy and movement to the room. I like the idea of using black as an anchor for  the space. Keeps the more modern flourishes grounded.

5. This dining table was quite a find. The steel legs are extraordinary and the raw, rustic looking top hints at a farmhouse table while keeping things clean. What I can tell from the website is that a cute German man named Philipp needed an awesome table and couldn't find one - and so he made one - which is the best way to solve a problem don't you think? Check out the website because now he makes other really beautiful things too and he's going to start shipping to the US next year. 

6. AH heres that Baylor Green! I really like the warm mossiness this particular shade of green has. It's earthy and rich and I think a settee at a dining table instead of a couple of chairs is really really interesting and comfortable! Velvet couches are to die for and this Jonathan Adler piece is pretty darn great. 

7. Since this room would obviously have beautiful, reclaimed, wide plank wood floors you need a rug to warm things up and ground your dining set. This killim from West Elm is neutral with just enough of a geometric pattern to reference back to the bear art and  the angular legs on the dining table. AND since this is a pretend room we can pretend all your game-watching friends will never ever spill wine or barbecue sauce on this rug. Ever.

8. Finally I threw in this serving dish for two reasons: one being that I've had it pinned to my "Wishlist" board for ages because look at it and two because when you Bear alums look at it you can think back on wonderful times running with the golden Baylor Line - see what I did there? Eh? Eh?

Add some gold flatware, white dishes, and some Mark & Graham linens embroidered with the only monogram that matters to you (B-U) and I think any ex-Waco-ite would be more than happy here.

So that's football post #2!  I'm realizing the challenge I set for myself is hard enough just working within the parameters of a school's colors, mascots, and traditions (special shout out to Siobhan for setting me along the right path with Baylor). I would love to learn more about people making awesome stuff in those cities as well, but man that was a tough one. This weeks room features some wonderful pieces from designers I admire and a few I found while looking for pieces along the way, but this time nothing from the great state of Texas. Tune in next week for my first out-of-state team tribute - and I'm still not totally decided on which teams I'm going to feature so let me know why your alma mater should be next!

*apparently there is a Baylor tradition where they throw perfectly good tortillas off of a bridge. I would love to hear why any self respecting Texan would do such a thing to a perfectly good future breakfast taco. Did you go to Baylor? Can you explain?