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Photo (of my bouquet!) by  Gloria Goode Photography

Photo (of my bouquet!) by Gloria Goode Photography

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Wedding season is upon us and while I’m no longer a newlywed, weddings are still a feels-like-once-a-month occurrence in my household. We’ve attended two weddings already this year (down from three this time last year) I know of at least two people who will be getting engaged in the coming months, and my very best friend and soul mate is getting married in February. All this to say: weddings are still very much a part of my life.

P and I received so many beautiful and thoughtful things but these few items have been our ride or dies, day in and day out:

1 | Stemless Wine Glasses

When I say I use these everyday, I mean everyday. Somehow we ended up with 14 of them, but we’ve used them all. From dinner parties to my everyday water drinking adventures. They’re a great size (almost 12 oz), sturdy, dishwasher safe. We use them for wine (duh), margs, water, juice, even small floral arrangements. I love these simple, beautiful glasses. I am all for something that can serve you multiple purposes.

2 | A Great Vase

We received a beautiful dark green glass vase. It lives on my dining table and is often elevating yard clippings and grocery store flowers to centerpiece status, but it even looks good empty with a pretty candle. Since we got it I haven’t been able to find the same one again (believe me it would become my go to wedding/housewarming/everything gift). But I’ve linked a couple similar ones for you that have the same feel. PLUS they’re less than $3 a piece!

3| Marble Lazy Susan

Honestly I registered for this because we had a round dining table in our last place and I thought it would be so pretty in the middle. Now it lives on our coffee table as a large tray that holds all sorts of things: remotes, florals, candles, coasters, and a little decor. I don’t have to get off the couch to reach one or the other, just turn the susan. While I love them as trays this marble one would look good in a kitchen counter corner corralling frequently used spices and utensils, on a shelf in your open pantry, or of course, on your dining table.



4| Electric Kettle

Let me preface this by saying when I registered for this I wasn’t a big tea drinker. I think I had tea drinking aspirations but honestly I use it constantly. I use it to make my matcha every morning, hot cocoa in the winter, instant oatmeal, french press coffee, and I love being able to offer tea to guests and have it ready so quickly! It’s so easy - especially compared to my previous microwave-a-cup-of-water-until-it-boils method. This is so much classier.

5| A Great Comforter

Specifically THIS comforter from Pottery Barn. It’s linen on top and satin underneath. Cool in summer and just warm enough for our Southern winters. It’s light and fluffy and I love the look of the linen. Can I describe a comforter as scrumptious without you unfollowing? I’m doing it anyway.

6 | Hands Free Trash Can

When I wrote the thank you for this I told the gift giver that they changed my life. Not having to touch your trashcan when throwing things away (or in my case, when your hands are covered in kitchen goop) is amazing. Warning: the habit of just waving your hand over the can will become engrained and you will look like an idiot doing it to other peoples’ trashcans, however then you have an opportunity to tell them about your life altering robot trashcan and then you can be that person who talks about her trash can at parties and social gatherings. In all seriousness. Register for this trashcan. OH and it comes in rose gold.